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Meet Erika


Allow me to be the first to WELCOME you to our page & our amazing RECORD breaking Unit!!

When I joined Mary Kay I wasn’t looking for a new “career.” When I restarted my Mary Kay business in 2008, I had just finished my first year of law school and was working full time. I had just started dating my husband. I missed my college friends & the community/leadership I thrived in while away at school. I never in a million years thought I would find what was “missing” with a business with Mary Kay. I loved how this business easily weaved into my already full life. I loved the idea of working side by side with other awesome women & building a business. I found it was easy to sell the products (even though I had NEVER tried or used them prior to selling them) 🙂

I was soaking up all the available training that helped me get started on the right path. And I loved the positive, encouraging atmosphere and the fun & recognition Mary Kay offered. I earned my first Mary Kay Career Car 6 months later in Jan. 2009 and I have been driving FREE since. I have earned the use of 8 different Mary Kay Cars. One of my FAVORITE Mary Kay moments was walking across the Mary Kay Seminar stage for the FIRST time & earning an all expense paid Bahamas Cruise for me & my husband from Mary Kay. My Mary Kay business allowed me to have the wedding of my dreams in Oct. 2010 and now it allows me to be a work from home mom to our daughter Victoria and son Emerson.

Who would have thought that gathering women around a table to teach skin care would lead to all of this!? I treasure the amazing friendships & mentors & all the incredible traveling for retreats, seminars and girlfriend time. I am deeply grateful for all Mary Kay has provided for our family. I have the freedom to design my own schedule around our family’s schedule. There is no one to ask for days off or vacations and I love that!

My greatest satisfaction comes from teaching women to be positive,self-motivated and become more of who they are called to be. My focus is helping each consultant to achieve their goals for their business (whatever they may be) helping them earn extra income for themselves & their families. I truly believe money does not buy happiness but it for sure gives us choices. I feel God has called me to equip and encourage women to reach their God-given potential. No other career could give me such a platform for fulfilling such a purpose. All that has happened in my life and business is a true testament to: “Anything you can conceive and believe you CAN achieve!”

Erika Goodman Osborn

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